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Financially Cool & Georgia Lark

Walkin W is dedicated to breeding quality all around prospects that can stand up in the halter ring, then lope off with the best of them. 
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We are located in Falcon, Colorado about 24 miles east of Colorado Springs, CO.  

We firmly believe that a halter horse should RIDE! 


What more could you ask for?

I wanted to share what one of Cools fans had to say about him.

Out of close to 50 Quarter Horse and Paint stallions offered in the "Season of Excellence", Financially Cool's metallic coat, impeccable conformation and overall balance had me searching for more. His big soft brown eyes and relaxed demeanor had me seeking the link that would take me to Walkin W Horses.

Upon reaching his owners website, I find myself only increasingly fonder of him. Not only is he phenomenal looking as a mature horse, but through age one and two he remained well proportioned, with amazing muscle mass! With numerous world and reserve world titles in halter, I nearly fell out of my seat watching him trot! There are so few stallions competing at this level in the halter world, which are capable of moving like a hunter under saddle horse. This stallion is another step in the right direction towards halter horses that can ride. I would love to see his owners pursue a riding career with this horse, as I think he very well could halter in the morning, and ride in his pleasure class in the afternoon.
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